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Critchley cable markers

Cablecraft Critchley Chevron Cut Markers – Reels. Cablecraft Critchley Straight Cut Markers – Boxes.

Cablecraft Critchley Straight Cut Markers – Reels. Applicators for Z-Type Cable Markers. The size range allows marking of cables from less than 0.

As well as straight cut, chevron cut markers are available for. K-type markers carrier strips are ideal for identifying large cables, conduit pipes,. K-Type markers are used to identify wire bundles, cables, pipes and conduits using specially designed oval shape individual . Critchley – Quality Wire Marking Cable Accessorie-sold shrink tubing is easier to install than hot shrink tubing, without requiring any special tools or special . The Z-type cable marker has been designed to allow each size of marker to fit. Critchley have developed an extensive range of marking systems . Critchley wire markers or cable idents are a well known brand within the industry, we can supply the Z-type, K-type, G-type and O-type markers.

Chitchley K Type Cable Marker Kit K-Type Markers provides a versatile marking system for cables, cable bundles and conduit. Z Type Size Critchley Cable Markers. K-Type markers and carrier strips are ideal for identifying large cables, conduit and pipes, either before or after termination.

The standard carrier has slotted ends . Critchley Cable Labele can he used in a wide variety of aoplications wtlere fait.