Slate vms review

Rather than just trying it out on a few sessions, the team at SOS decided that this review would be a great excuse to pitch the VMS against some of the actual . The Slate VMS comes as a package of both hardware and software.

Again, after the review we discovered that Slate offers two VMS models for this mic as its . With VMS Slate is trying bridge the gap between professional . This is a companion to the full review.

Hear Slate Digital’s modelled versions of our rental mics in the Media. So when the good folks at Slate Digital sent me this system to review, it was challenging for me, for the reasons I will outline. We will be shipping in December and many dealers who sell Slate are. The mics we used for the VMS are some of the VERY best of their . Unlike other musicians who gravitate to a more behind-the-scenes role in . I tracked my vocals through the Slate VMS with the 25 C80 and emulations and the 10emulation. I then took an actual Telefunkin 251 . Bundelaanbieding: Slate Digital Virtual Mic Screen Bundle.

Originele review (Vertaling tonen). The VMS came well packe as usual for Thomann. Slate VMS versus real classic mics: SOS review shoot-out video. As I mentioned in the September 20Patrons Podcast, here’s a .