Sol mars – Mdf lakken hoogglans

Sol mars

Spring naar Sol – Het woord sol wordt door astronomen gebruikt om de duur van de zonnedag op Mars mee aan te duiden. Various schemes have been used or proposed for timekeeping on the planet Mars. A proposed counterpart on Mars is the Mars Sol Date (MSD), which is a .

A Mars solar day has a mean period of hours minutes 35. I’m writing a story about Mars and I’m really confused as to how one should use the word ‘Sol when talking about the passage of time there. Disclaimer: this question was changed; the original question was, What is a Sol in the movie.

SOL(solar day on mars) is bigger as compared to solar day on earth.

Mars is the capital planet of the Federation. One day, or sol, on Mars is a few minutes longer than an Earth day. When NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover-A, more affectionately known as. A day on Mars, which is known as a sol, consists of hours, just .