Bamboo planks

Since the shoots are only a few inches in diameter, bamboo is cut and laminated into solid boards or sheets. The wood is approximately as hard or harder than . These solid boards of bamboo can be cut, route plane sande stained and finished just like other hardwoods.

And it’s not just a goo durable and resilient . With it’s silky smooth feel and distinctive striated appearance, bamboo lumber has become a popular choice for everything from cutting boards to hardwood . Seems like every year somebody makes something cool out of bamboo: bicycles, snowboards, laptops, or a thousand other things. While making Bamboo lumber, bamboo strips are treated with boiling, drying and gluing well and then pressed.

Since they are only a few inches in diameter, . Solid Bamboo boards Strand Woven Bamboo boards are fit finish ready solid timber. No more prep work; planing, sanding, gluing, clamping, planing. Bamboo plywood also called ply bamboo comes in several thickneses and styles for maximum project versatility. For residential or commercial applications, .