Rod clamp

It can also be turned over and bolted to cheeseplates, cages, . SMALLRIG 15mm Rod Clamp with ARRI Rosette Mount 1898. UP-ROD-CLAMP, Upper rod clamp with 15mm LWS.

Rod ClampsDetailsFor connecting air-termination rods with conductors, for lengthwise connection of all conductor materials. Log-in or register to view your pricing.

Find best 15mm clamp for 15mm rod support system at coollcd. ShoulderMount rod clamp is an additional rod clamp that allows you to attach a video camera to the rods . Ground Rod Diameter, Actual (Ø), 0. Ground rod clamp that allows up to three separate conductors to be connected to a ground rod; Bronze material is a copper alloy with high copper . How do I prevent probe rods from falling down hole when pulling them out of the ground? In years past, our best advice to you for . Rod Clamp Kit for 15mm rails to mount Matrix . Quick Disconnect Optical Rod Clamps offer a versatile foundations for mounting and positioning a variety of optics related components on its x in. Swivel-type Ground Rod Clamp, EM4DB-Swivel-type Ground Rod Clamp, EM4DB-Swivel-type Ground Rod Clamp, EM4DB-Swivel-type Ground Rod . This ground rod clamp is cast from .